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Miniature Jersey Breeding Program

     The Foundation Miniature Jersey is classified as being under 42” in height with a number of them being in the range of 32” to 36” or smaller. For purposes of the AMJA&R the Foundation stock will therefore be 42” and under. Small Jerseys that are between 42” and 46” will be classified as Mid-sized Jerseys.

37” tall
Foundation Miniature Jersey

     The number of Foundation Miniature Jerseys in the country is very small. Therefore in order to expand the breed and keep it strong and accomplish the popular Miniature size the Registry will accept percentage animals sired by Miniature Jersey registered sires. The breeder can work with the percentage animals and gradually breed them up to the status known as Native Pure (bred in this country) when they reach 7/8 or more Miniature Jersey blood. This is known as the Miniature Jersey Upbreeding Program.

  1. Ideally a beginning breeder may want to buy a Registered Miniature Jersey bull or semen and some registered Miniature Jersey cows. In lieu of these cows they may wish to use standard Jersey cows and gradually breed down in size.
  2. Because of the current small genetic base for the Miniature Jersey breed another option for a beginning breeder would be to buy a Registered Miniature Jersey bull or semen and some small cows of another breed or combination of breeds. The offspring of these animals can be registered with the AMJA&R. It is important to report the bloodlines of your animals as accurately as possible and the registry will put these breakdowns on the animal’s pedigree. In this manner the integrity of the breeder and the registry and the satisfaction of the buyer will all remain in good standing.
  3. If a breeder has started with Registered Belfair cattle (1/2 Miniature Jersey/1/2 Dexter this is a reminder that the Belfair Registry has been included in the American Miniature Jersey Association and Registry and it will benefit owners of Belfair cows to mate them to Miniature Jersey and use them in the Miniature Jersey upbreeding program. Belfair bulls which are 1/2 Miniature Jersey and 1/2 Dexter will be accepted by the AMJA&R for registry however the use of Miniature Jersey Foundation bulls is the mating of choice in the Miniature Jersey upbreeding program.
        Because of the Miniature status, the calves are to be reported on a Report of Birth form prior to becoming 6 months of age (late recording results in a late fee being assessed). When these Birth Reported calves reach 3 years of age (maturity) they are to be measured for height and at this time a Registration Application is submitted to the AMJA&R. They will be issued an appropriate Permanent Registration Certificate designating their status, depending upon their height measurement, to be Miniature or mid-miniature.
         In the realm of homestead or small-acreage cows these little cows are valuable assets, whether they are miniature or mid-miniature in size. The AMJA& R wishes to encourage accuracy on all counts in the recording of these animals, i.e. detail of their bloodlines and their height measurement.
  4. Registration of Breeding Stock females. Breeding stock of breeds other than Miniature Jersey are to be registered so that all animals in a pedigree will show as registered. They will be registered for a $10.00 fee.

The AMJA&R Miniature Jersey breeding program is designed to be available to all who wish to participate.

Anyone having questions may feel free to contact:

American Miniature Jersey Association and Registry LLC, Registrar, Maureen Neidhardt at 308-665-1431 or e-mail to
American Miniature Jersey Association and Registry LLC, Founder, Fonnie Thoman at 740- 256-1724 or e-mail to

Information and Forms are also available on our Forms page.